Andrew Keefe

Digital Marketing, Content Writer, Production Art

Andrew Keefe - Writing Samples

Professional and Personal Writing Samples

I like to write, and I think I have a voice. I have assembled a few of my professional samples and three entries from my blog to showcase writing samples.

Past Professional Projects, Museums, and Corporate Environments

To know who I am, you have to see some of my grand-scale projects. I specialized for 10+ years in museum pre-press work and corporate environments, leading projects of over 1,200 pieces. See more here!

Social Media

I facilitated social media in both organic content and inorganic growth. To learn more about how I used Social Media to turn my tiny independent podcast into something of which I am truly proud See posts, content, and how I am reading the analytics to assess my audience.

Digital Marketing

Modern marketing is digital marketing. Using the analytics to find and build your audience is crucial. See how I facilitate a number of social media outlets to establish a presence and read my audience.