Flying above the radar feels unnatural to me, but it works- if you let it.

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As a young child of the 70’s- various technologies were available to me that some consider archaic now. I started with an AM radio and a “tape recorder” if that gives an idea of when I started. I had no crystal ball (yet to be invented) and a CB Radio did me no good- but getting introduced and falling in love with the Commodore 64 was the seed to my scholastic and professional experience with Apple OS (Apple II) and the Adobe Creative Suite in my professional Printing and Pre-press career.

I like to create readable, listenable and viewable media. Not just for today’s purposes, but for my whole life as a hobby. Now, I am transforming that passion into a career. I’ve reached a point in life when it is time to make a change.

This might be the most difficult, fundamentally difficult concept to understand while going through a career transformation. I’m the product and the brand. I’m the needle in the haystack. I don’t have a stack of skills in digital marketing yet. I have a desire to learn, an inextinguishable inner drive and a diverse skill set. Does that really set me apart? Not really. Not according to other profiles I look at. A majority exclaim the virtues of hard work.

In the team production floor environment, I was trained to keep my head down and not make waves, in general. I’m not claiming that to be the best method, but it certainly is an about face in philosophies from “not attempting to be noticed” to “hey look over here.” But, hey look over here!

Did I mention that I’m an introvert?

I heard a piece of advice from multiple sources the other day (a heavy dose of inexplainable coincidence) and I plan to embrace it. I’m sorry I can’t give credit for the advice, but basically it goes like this. Go toward your inner weird. Whatever makes you quirky and different, accentuate it to the highest level. Your drivers education instructor always told you to turn into the swerve when you were sliding. It feels unnatural, but it works. Turn into your inner differences (your innner wierd).

Personally, I want to find my freak flag and wave it high. Outside on the garage.

As one of life’s great over-thinkers, I see life lessons in the tiniest of events. Day to day life and its variations carry heavy significance for me and I hope to bring those to the reader in relatable doses in the process of getting “myself out there,” and feeling what that is like to no longer fly under the radar.

This is my announcement that I am officially on the radar.

I’m finding I can lean into the support of my connections on various social media on my posts, podcast announcements, website and other pieces of content. People are actually interested in common, relatable content derived from situations like their own. As well as content to which they aren’t normally exposed and above anything makes them feel smarter.

So, glad to make you acquaintance LinkedIn. And Face Book. And Twitter. And wherever else the ride takes me. I’m on the radar now. Lets Connect!

Any other introverts elevate themselves to being on the radar recently? How did it feel for you?

Let me know what you think!