Indecision is a Decision, Don’t Let Up

Indecision is a Decision, Don’t Let Up

There are times when it is not immediately apparent what the next priority is that needs attention. Lots of times this happens during transitional times of goal setting for me. Folks, I’m here to tell you- indecision is a decision.

For example, a set of goals are nearing completion and its time to re-orient and re-focus on what’s needed next to get to the next landmark. Am I still on the right path? I could stumble in productive output if I decide to not decide quickly. Instead, I try to just do the next thing that must be done until I have a clear path to move forward on the project. Of course, this preparation should be done asap.

After a deadline has been met- it feels like there’s time for a breather- but breathers lose momentum. It’s important to keep the focus and move forward during transitional times. A project can falter and stutter as focus is put on other projects. Certainly, multi-tasking is important, but so is progress.

Knowing that indecison is a decion, how does one keep a project moving forward in phase changes when it seems natural to let up?

Let me know what you think!