Your Own, Personal Dictionary

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“I am the sole author of the
dictionary that defines me.”

Zadie Smith, Author

I think this is the truth. It does not matter if one believes it or not. You are defined by your actions- not by your words. And only you can define your actions.

So, What is in my dictionary?

Husband, Father, Son, Brother, integrity, Respect (for others), Self Care, Imposter, Effort, Positivity, Insecurity, Strength, Grateful and theres many more.

They don’t always agree and can waiver from day to day. But use these words as goals to strive for (and avoid). What can you do to get closer? By being conscious of your actions and making changes as you are comfortable. The difference will be hard to ignore.

So, what is in your dictionary? What defines you now? What will define you in the future?

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