The Music Challenge Podcast 2020- First Episode!

Our very light hearted pod, The Music Challenge Podcast, is put on by me and two friends. It could definitely take your mind off things for a little bit. Good conversation and music.

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The cover image for The Music Challenge Podcast
If you’re interested in starting a podcast, I’d be willing to chat!

Everyone could use a little relief. And The Music Challenge Podcast just might be the right thing for you. The conversation is stimulating and the music is excellent.

As well, this is my and my co-hosts first release ever! Just your typical Gen X music nerd, commentary type thing. We think we’re funny too, fwiw. We discuss a formative album every week. This week: Rush – Moving Pictures. Go to and subscribe to your favorite service. Hope you enjoy!

But, joy getting the first one out. I had no idea what I was getting into. An intense project with tons of learning!

Let me know what you think!