Three announcements for The Music Challenge Podcast

Check out what’s new and old on The Music Challenge Podcast. A few announcements for the fans.

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Announcement #1

The Music Challenge Podcast has now released three episodes (woo hoo!) and they are not too damn bad if I do say so myself. You’ll listen for the music, but you’ll stay for the stories. Listen to our past episodes on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever… We’re discussing albums like Rio, Remain in Light and more!

Announcement #2

We have no more album podcasts recorded. But, DON’T WORRY. We will have a bonus podcast for you next week and hopefully in the coming weeks as we grow our community and try to give back with the gift of distraction during these trying times. We just aren’t able to get together in person yet due to an over-abundance of caution.

Announcement #3

Everybody send us ONE album for us to consider “reviewing”. Sell us that gem of yours. Make me salivate with something unusual. What are some things we haven’t thought of? You tell us…

Let me know what you think!