My Podcast Adventure – Part 3: Show Changes on the Fly

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I thought I was set as far as partners go. It was my first intention. But, sometimes an opportunity comes by that you shouldn’t refuse. This is my story.

My name is Andrew Keefe and I am the co-host of The Music Challenge Podcast. A nerdy, music commentary podcast (that you can find anywhere) and we’re about 10 episodes deep. And this written series chronicles our first season.

A Change in Plans

Like I said in the last installment, finding your established crew and achieving some level of buy-in is pretty important. You know who you’re dealing with from the get-go.

But, something happened while we were in the final planning stages of honing our topic. I went out with a friend one night and we had a conversation that became paradigm changing. I was playing my best curated internet radio station and Robb spoke passionately about the music.

I listen to a lot of music and from different times and places. So, we were talking about what these songs and albums meant to us personally in the car ride from suburbia to Downtown Chicago where we were set to see our buddies band, Little Big Fat.

But, as Robb was telling me stories of his relationships with these songs it was really interesting. Then he said, “These songs were formative'” and I stopped in my tracks. Jed and I had already come up with the title The Music Challenge Podcast: Your Formative Four for season 1. And Robb just said the keyword out loud without even knowing we were doing a podcast.

That’s also when I decided the podcast would be about stories revolving around the music rather than a forensic look at the music.

Was it necessary to add Robb?

The next morning I was still feeling the impact of the conversation and thought about it quite a bit.


Robb obviously understood the project without me explaining it to him. So, although we hadn’t told any friends, I told Robb about the podcast and he was enthusiastic, to say the least. I wanted Robb to be involved, but I didn’t know how yet. I also didn’t know what kind of Pandora’s box I was opening as far as the planning. We’ll get to that.

The next morning I was still feeling the impact of the conversation and thought about it quite a bit. I contacted my first partner Jed and said I wanted Robb involved somehow and wanted his consultation. Jed agreed though they had never met.

I sent Robb a lengthy proposal wanting both his confirmation to have a roll (still undetermined) in the podcast and I wanted Robb to take some ownership over what he was committing too. I also wanted him to know that he was worth a proper proposal- just like Jed. This way the relationship wasn’t consummated with a non-commital fist bump.

The Dilemma

The decision to add a third host was far from easy. It was changing the podcast to its core.

Robb is a sweet, extroverted dude. He can talk to anyone. And he finishes that off with long hair, constant ripped jeans and concert shirts on the regular. And he loves talking with people. Like when he plays 21 questions with a car service driver. But, Robb’s mind can wander too. So, my job was to keep him on the task in a way that was up until now unproven.

A mutual friend even went as far as to say that he wouldn’t follow through. That he (and really we) would fail. I wanted to make sure he could make that friend eat his words. I needed his enthusiasm and passion for our podcast and he needed just a bit of my organizational skills to get there.

So, I wrote last week how I had the cast set. Obviously, it didn’t turn out that way and I wanted to present it as the surprise that it came to me. I had the opportunity to add a tremendous advocate for the concept. Frankly, Jed and I had done some hot mic airchecks and it was a little flat. I thought we could fix that, but the solution was in a third man who would bring the concept to life. Robb’s enthusiasm is undeniable.


I had no doubts about Robb and Jed. They had both heard quite a bit about each other from me. As I said, “You know him, you just don’t know him.” I meant that they had similar interests and that they could easily have been standing next to each other at the same concert one day without knowing each other. I had no worries about putting the two together. They’re both good people. That’s important. You have to choose people with which you can work closely. And, you will.

So, we’re a 3 person panel, music nerd podcast. I promise- no more lineup changes. But, Robb’s appearance on the Music Challenge Podcast scene wasn’t instantly transferrable. The equipment differences between a two-person podcast and adding a third person are noticeable both in design, chemistry, and pocketbook. We’ll check that out next in the next installment of My Podcast Adventure – Part 4.

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