About Me

Who Am I?

Really, I’m a pretty normal Midwestern guy.

I’ll spare you the long narrative about how hard I work, my extraordinary childhood, and how passionate I am about the digital production arts. All of that is true, obviously, or I wouldn’t be where I am. What you probably want to know is who I really am. To start, I have two kids, and I reside in the eastern suburbs of Chicago. I didn’t grow up here but have lived in the Chicago area since 2002. Here are a few different things I do in my spare time.


I started a podcast in the months leading up to the pandemic and continued right into it. We started out “live” but took the whole show remote during the quarantine. It’s called The Music Challenge Podcast and it’s available everywhere. We currently have produced 35+ hour-long episodes.


I have a strong bond with live music. I don’t get out like I used to, but I still enjoy the vital nature of a live show.

I also play bass guitar in a band that rehearses regularly. It’s a great outlet for that type of creative energy.

Outdoors & Fishing

When I’m not at a computer, I love to be in nature. And I have recently found that fishing can take me to some incredible spots . I don’t fish very well, but I’ve had my moments.