Case Study – LinkedIn Headquarters

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This was my first large project back in graphics after a few years off to raise my kids. How did I get advanced work and special projects? I asked for them, plain and simple. I was awarded several projects based on my sense of adventure for the job. LinkedIn offered the opportunity to learn many new graphical processes. (Video by Moss Inc.)

My Role

When I was re-employed by my previous employer (since incorporated by Moss Inc.), the dynamics and capabilities of the entire operation had been up-scaled through the addition of a fabrication department. LinkedIn took full advantage of our three-dimensional capabilities and that needed a specialized setup. I worked as an individual amongst a team to produce thousands of pieces for this project.

My Responsibility

I was responsible for setting up router files for small three-dimensional letters held up by pinholes which all had to be custom placed to display letters over a foot high. There were also many printed pieces on site- many of which were wallpaper that had to be custom paneled around building fixtures and elevations. Many interfaced with graphics of which had yet to be installed, finished, or even conceived. Another prime piece was tinted window gradients used for glass conference rooms used throughout the building. The glass panels were custom-sized throughout the building.

The Result

LinkedIn’s Headquarters was thought to be an innovative and fresh take on a Google style workplace. The project covered over 20+ floors and the entire building. Please watch the video to see the dynamic assortment of interactive graphics designed and built by my employer, Moss Inc.