Contact Me

Reach out to me for freelance work, a permanent position, or if I can help you with web layout, digital marketing, or print production experience.

Andrew Keefe
Western Suburbs / Will Commute
Chicagoland, USA

(847) 274-6803 (Call or text)

I am not partial to contact forms. They are impersonal and, frankly, unreliable. So, please forgive me if that is your preferred mode.

As usual, direct is best. There are awesome channels through which to contact me. I very much respect folks reaching out just to make a connection.

You never know how we can help each other or when. I’m building a network for life and wish to offer the wisdom of my professional 20 years or the learning of the past 6 months as much as hearing from a potential employer. After all, isn’t everybody a potential client?

Don’t forget to check out the written story of my podcast at The Music Challenge Podcast. You can listen to an episode or just sample part of one. My co-hosts and I tell great stories and make music commentary about awesome music. This season we are featuring the hosts formative four albums!

I’m also writing a weekly series about my podcast experience called “My Podcast Adventures”. I highly encourage checking it out!