Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a process that doesn’t necessarily yield a product. Let me show you what I’ve done on my own websites.

Content Producer

In digital marketing- media and exposure are kings. Engagements are key with an intriguing post whether it be organic or inorganic. I write (over 30 articles on my blog), podcast, and produce graphics along with familiarity with photo and video.

Search Engine Optimization

I optimize all of my pages and posts with keywords and RankMath software with WordPress. SEO is a multi-layered practice with many aspects. I consistently rank over 90/100 on my SEO scores. I can help your company get on the road with organic and inorganic traffic through SEO. Right now I sit 5th in the Google SERP for “andrewkeefe”.


Establishing a Key Performance Index is crucial to analyzing the success of your marketing efforts. For my podcast, I use a host of analytics to analyze my audience to figure ways to expand my audience.