Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Goals

Big Results on a Slim Budget

I often try and implement what I learn right away. I’ve used my podcast as a product to bring to market and gain downloads.

Facebook ads made a lot of sense on a non-existent budget to gain exposure for a fledgling podcast. It simply has the largest audience, and there is an audience for everyone.

The key is an engaging post. Here, you can view a few of my ads that created an intriguing post for the reader inducing engagement and exposure to the podcast. Most of the traffic is inorganic- but a post with shares turns viral and into bonus organic traffic.

“Protest Songs

My first campaign with a viral nature. I achieved nearly 33% organic traffic through Reactions, Shares and Comments. This timeliness of the post achieved more carry than usual in reaction to the murder of George Floyd.

  • Engagement Rate = 9%
  • Paid Reach = 5,909
  • Organic Reach = 2,373
  • 110 Post Clicks
  • 806 Reactions, Comments, and Shares
  • $24.00 Total Budget

“Season Finale”

Pink Floyd – The Wall set the stage for another monster post for the last show of Season 1. The ad audience is huge because The Wall sold over 100 million copies and I took advantage of that fact to successfully attract the rock crowd.

  • Engagement Rate = 15%
  • Paid Reach = 11,461
  • Organic Reach = 1,801
  • 898 Post Clicks
  • 1.5k Reactions, Comments, and Shares
  • 24.00 Total Budget