Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Pages

Organic, Free Digital Marketing

I often try and implement what I learn right away. I’ve used my podcast as a product to bring to market and gain downloads.

A Facebook Business Page is an excellent free platform for offering an environment for your business and a built-in market for everyone. For me, my podcast is the product that I’m marketing. And exposure is my strategy to do it. I can set up a Facebook business page for your company and continue marketing efforts from there.

Starting a Page

I started my page in May 2020. I can give a business a social media presence starting with a Facebook Business Page. A Facebook Business Page is true organic marketing containing all the info needed for your business or product. See mine made for my podcast.


As of August 2020 The Music Challenge Podcast has nearly 200 followers. Considering in May, I had an audience of zero, I am more than pleased at the buildup of followers.

Podcast Group

I created an environment in which the fans (or your business’s patrons) can interact and share information. My page has a lot of music discussion and members asking for recommendations.