Case Study – McDonald’s Headquarters

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My involvement in the McDonald’s HQ Branding project was through my employer Moss Inc. We produced all branding and environmental elements including all the pieces you will see in the video above. My company was very proud to accept this huge responsibility of bringing out the minds eye of the world’s leading burger restaurant.

Case Study: McDonald’s HQ, Chicago, IL
Branding & Environment (1000+ pieces)


I was the lead preflighter and intricately involved in file set-up for all pieces for the outfitting of the McDonald’s HQ (Chicago). The work was very challenging in that many pieces were custom, production of the pieces involved unique processes, and the sheer volume of the work. I was responsible for a majority of the set-up for print pieces including paneling wallpaper, production of 3D router files, and prototyping.


I dealt very closely with our salesperson, project managers, creative directors, and finishing departments to produce world-class graphics. It was my responsibility to take in the files and report back what was present and set up the file for the press. Files from the client were often not laid out for the final size and dimensions and I would have to fix that to the clients’ satisfaction. Spot and PMS colors were matched across a range of substrates and presses (also my responsibility). I worked independently as part of a much larger team.


I had never done so much 3D setup, modeling, and prototyping. I learned the full extent of what can be done and executed through the production, stacking, and layering of routed materials. Printed materials were also challenging as they often involved unique substrates and installations. Also, materials were expensive. We couldn’t afford to discard unsatisfactory results so extreme accuracy in execution was needed. My museum work came in very handy as I am essentially detailed about typography and preserving the true intent of the client’s file.