My Podcast Adventures

My Podcast Adventures

Check out “My Podcast Adventures”. A chronicle of my experience starting The Music Challenge Podcast from scratch!

Part One: The Prelude

Part Two: Partner and Development

Part Three: Show Changes on the Fly

Part Four: Pre-Recording Details

Part Five: Scheduling

Part Six: Taking Shape: Episodes 1 through 3

Part Seven: Pandemic Changes The World

Part Eight: Sea Change and Social Injustice

Part Nine: We have Guests Arriving!

Part Ten: Finale – Goals and Rewards

Through my experiences, I’d like to present the chronicles of starting a podcast from scratch. It wasn’t easy. Actually, it was far more involving than we ever thought. But, the gifts of podcasting became apparent as well.

I’ll show you that even for a guy with audio/video experience, starting a podcast from zero (not even an idea) is an obstacle course. But, part of the reward is definitely overcoming the early obstacles.

We had over 700 downloads in our first season.

How we did that is a long story. We are a completely independent podcast meaning we do all of this in the back corners of our houses and I produce it in GarageBand on my mac. Joe Rogan and many others use the same staff as a radio station. The Music Challenge Podcast has no extra help nor do we record in a sweet studio.

The Music Challenge Podcast is completely independently produced.

I talk about that and more in My Podcast Adventures. Read it if you want to start a podcast, are interested in another perspective than your own, or just love podcasting. If you have any involvement in podcasting- you won’t want to miss. And if you don’t- its a blog about a podcast. Enjoy!