Five Concert Posters for Live, Local Music Promoter

The opportunity to do concert posters for freelance was a great application of my growing design skills. I don’t consider myself a professional designer- but I certainly have an eye for design and can put together artists’ designs quickly.

My Close Friend Steve

I have a very close friend who was always extremely good at applying his knowledge to his passions at an early age. Seeing live music was a passion of ours and Steve converted his knowledge into being part of the music industry.


Basically, he took it upon himself to host live shows at local bars and restaurants. He didn’t make any money at it. Any margin was swallowed by the band and support fees. He also blogged and produced infographics in support of his shows and the local music scene in general. It was his passion and he has kept at the writing to this day on his blog “Tomorrows Verse“.

The Posters


The backgrounds were largely assembled in Photoshop. I did carve apart a number of “free art” pieces to achieve what we wanted. And, sometimes they were just plain conceived or derived out of inspiration. For example, the 3 part mini-series from local bar Brixie’s contains a dot pattern that simulates the old screen print concert posters. The screen pattern often left the dot pattern behind the black text out of registration creating cyan, magenta, and yellow dots instead of the solid color. It looks retro and I love that.

Most all of the Photoshop files were moved into Illustrator to receive vector typography and finishing artistic touches. Layer interaction settings were set to achieve some transparency effects.


Throughout the making of these posters I chose to challenge myself with different techniques so I could be learning. On one poster I did all of the raster work in Illustrator using its raster filters. This is not done most of the time as Photoshop is the raster creation program of choice.

I set out the raster layout basically in a vector start pattern ( for example and then alter with raster filters on-board in Illustrator. The result was a beautiful background for a reggae themed poster with all elements done in one program.


I delved into the great beyond design-wise which is not necessarily my forte, but I think I do pretty well not embarrassing myself.

The result was several full-color concert posters (this is the bulk of the collection but not all) that I can be proud of. I delved into the great beyond design-wise which is not necessarily my forte, but I think I do pretty well not embarrassing myself. Actually, I kind of like my style!


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