Production Art

Print, Prepress, and Web

10+ Years of Experience in the Printing / Graphics Industry

Complete Production Skill-Set

You can assume I have the advanced skill set that years of experience acquired. However, I am willing to work my way up to my skill set. Whether it’s the Adobe Creative Suite, Google Platform, or Microsoft platform, I have created custom art, assembled designer’s files for production, manipulated existing art/campaigns, and preflighting.

Large-Scale Project Oriented

I was the sole pre-press production tech on some of the largest jobs my plant had ever done at the time. I specialized in environments, branding, corporate spaces, and museums.

Major clients include: The Field Museum, American Natural History Museum, LinkedIn, Levis, Old, Navy, Harley Davidson

Team Lead

My responsibilities included team lead and environment design specialist. I led a department of five prepress production artists including review writing and team training.

I also wrote technical Graphic SOP documents for my own departmental policy.

Note: I’m willing to work my way up to fit my skill set!

Color Management

I developed an eye for color in my early days of color-correcting photos. Color correction is second nature to me and comes in very handy with page layout skills. I can easily match spot colors as well as process colors.

Website Development

I designed and assembled the very website you are looking at using WordPress. All collateral images were prepared by me as well. I even photographed the image to the right using a time-lapse technique.