The Groupie Page

Song I made in GarageBand in a couple of Christmas Break Days

Not so much a song but an exploration of sound. Its kind of a song. I tried to work with building intensity, etc.

Fusion I (I named it…)

New Entry 8/26 Computer Mocks

What I did was take a computer that already had info on the screen and then dropped in my own website so the pic looks customized for me and it shows some graphical prowess, effort, and competency.

Original Downloaded Art
Hard to tell what you’re looking at… those are the analytics for my podcast that I don’t know if I’ll feature at the moment.
This is a better example…

New Entry – Zoom screenshot of TMCP recording

New Entry – Video for Facebook Ads (Updated with music) (Done in Adobe Premiere Elements)

I’ve been reading some about marketing a podcast. A lot of podcasters put up videos of them recording for a “behind the scenes” look. So I edited a piece of me telling a story. We’ll see how it does next week. Just playing around.

New Entry – “A” Fish Story (not “The” Fishing Story

One of the very first posts I wrote. I was scared to the bejeezus but knew I had to start putting it out there. Sharing because it is a fishing story I wrote about. Hope you Enjoy!

New Entry – Just Another Slideshow

Just another podcast slideshow. This time using a different program (Animoto). Like I said I do self serving things when I am experimenting. Maybe you’ll like this one better.

New Entry -Jaco and Joni

One of my favorite pieces of YouTube Video. Joni is Joni, and Jaco Pastorius, considered the best bass player of all time by critics, is in the long white pants. The whole band was musical mother fuckers- but Jaco still takes over.

Hey A.,

I guess since you asked I thought I’d drop one of my fav youtube things on you. Joni Mitchell from the early eighties with an absolute “monsters of jazz” cast behind her. Jaco Pastorius, in his signature long white pants, plays in ways that are not evident to humans. You’ll hear me talk about aliens, artists who could not have come from this world. Joni and Jaco are aliens- the beauty could not have come from this earth. Landed in an egg or something… Like Mork.

For example, Prince is a mother fuckin alien. That guy could not have come from this planet. Dude’s musical mind was crazy.

Joni is a Goddess to me. I don’t know all of her stuff, but she carries herself with such sophistication and grace. Someone to be looked up to on many levels, just in my opinion…

Good Morning! Hope this gets you on the right track.

Music is one of my fav songs by the clash. I just had it handy so used it. Its called “The Call Up”. Featured on episode 11 of The Music Challenge Podcast.

I was trying to make a project in a new piece of software and ended up with this. I just so happened to have the podcast pics sitting on my desktop. And anytime I try something I figure its a good time for self-promotion experimentation. At least while you’re just messing around.

All pics were taken by me (except the parking lot pics I’m in). Robb has long hair and Jed shows up once in the parking lot shots with a baseball hat on. This is from my personal collection, so it was just me snapping shots of something I knew I thought should be documented in some way. Most shots are selfies. I was feeling adventurous one night. All shots of me talking into the mic taken by me.

I don’t like my hair there. So, there’s that… And I obviously didn’t shave for the movies…

Also, there is 10 seconds of black in the beginning which I can’t get out. So, ignore that too.

Special viewing for groupies only… I sincerely hope you enjoy!!