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Thanks for checking out The Music Challenge Podcast: where we propose a musical question with a different answer for everyone. In this first season, we are asking for Your Formative Four, the most influential albums from your past.

Not just your past, but your way-back past- like high school. What were the seeds that sprouted into your current musical tastes? We’ll be talking about our formative albums and we invite you to join us on The Music Challenge Podcast.

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Getting The Music Challenge Podcast off the ground was a lot more detailed than I imagined.

Writing about The Music Challenge Podcast

I’m writing a series of articles on the challenges of beginning a podcast. The undertaking has been a story unto itself. Especially when three people are involved. We’re all fathers and scheduling is difficult. Beyond that, the project management has been all-encompassing. I have two partners both of which have their fortes like strategic planning or on-air expertise.

The podcast is three music-loving adults talking about their formative albums. The conversation usually goes in all directions, but we always bring it back to the music. Come for the awesome music, stay for the memories! Press here to find and play past episodes!

Contact me for a connection (always), questions, or any other reason!

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Please, send us your own Formative Four and we’ll share them on a podcast soon.

Let me know what you think!

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