Writing Samples

I like to write, and I think I have a voice. I have assembled a few of my professional samples and three entries from my blog for a showcase of writing samples.

Professional samples

Business Finance Writings

I am an SEO writer (professionally) for ROK Financial, an online lending institution. I write entries for their blog using longtailed keywords and SEO formatting. Each entry requires extensive research to take an authoritative yet casual voice.

Personal Writings

“My Podcast Adventures”

I recently completed a 10 part series based on the starting and first season podcasting called “My Podcast Adventures”. The series is a first-person account of the obstacles we faced along the way.

Chuck Palahniuk Quote Positively, Incidentally Reflects Mood of the COVID-19 Quarantine

“Would you rather wait for something to happen or make something happen. Not to challenge anyone, but this says a lot about your personality.”

Groundhog Day Catch

I am a pathetic fisherperson. It doesn’t have much to do with how many fish I catch- though that seems to be part of my problem. But, it has more to do with when I fish that makes me pathetic.